GE PFQ97HSPVDS 4.8 cu. ft. All-in-One Washer/Dryer

SKU: 0011091
GE PFQ97HSPVDS 4.8 cu. ft. All-in-One Washer/Dryer
GE PFQ97HSPVDS 4.8 cu. ft. All-in-One Washer/Dryer

GE PFQ97HSPVDS 4.8 cu. ft. All-in-One Washer/Dryer

SKU: 0011091
Regular price $2,899.00 Sale price $1,600.00
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  • 2-in-1 Washer/Dryer

    Wash & Dry a large load of laundry in about 2 hours without the hassle of transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer (Based on completing the Normal Wash + Dry cycle with Eco Dry using a 10-lb. DOE or Mixed Load in about 2 hours See Use & Care

  • Fast Airflow Drying System

    Warm, high-speed air extracts moisture from garments to gently dry even large loads fast with less heat. Wash and dry everything from a comforter to delicate items virtually eliminating the need to hang dry - it’s the ultimate one and done laundry experience!

  • The One and Done Laundry Experience

    The UltraFast Combo is designed to enhance the way you experience laundry by optimizing washing + drying all in one machine. Plus, the smarter drying technology combines fast air flow at lower temperatures to ensure maximum care for all your laundry.

  • Easy Installation

    Reimagine your laundry space and location with the flexible installation requirements of a standard 120V and no need for a dryer exhaust vent. Optional vent cap for ductwork available. Model:WX08X10070

  • Space-Saving Solutions

    The Ventless Combo design takes up half the space so you can rethink your laundry room possibilities. Optional 7” laundry riser available Model:GFR0728PTDS

  • Greater Energy Savings**

    50% more energy efficient drying** with Ventless Heat Pump (**Efficiency rating as compared to the requirements for ENERGY STAR qualification for standard electric dryers)

  • Adaptive SmartDispense Technology

    Save time and effort with an intelligent dispenser that holds enough detergent and softener for up to 32 loads. Plus, scan the barcode on the detergent or softener bottle with the SmartHQ™ app and the washer will dispense the right amount

  • Microban Antimicrobial Technology

    Provides antimicrobial protection on the gasket, dispenser, and draining system, to help prevent odors and ensuring your Combo stays fresh and clean load after load.

  • Smart Features Powered by SmartHQ

    When connected to the SmartHQ app, you can make sure your Combo always has the latest features! Plus, receive remote cycle status notifications, select detergents and download specialty cycles.

  • Large Wash Capacity

    4.8-cu.ft. capacity lets you clean large sized loads, even clean a king-size comforter . Large wash capacity allows families of all sizes to cut laundry routine in half.

  • Limited Warranty

    Rest assured knowing your unit is backed by a 10-year limited warranty on the motor and a 5-year limited warranty on the sealed drying system.

  • EZ Access Lint Filter System

    An exclusive, easy-to-reach lint filter system allows you to remove lint and micro particles, ensuring your Combo operates at the highest levels of efficiency.

  • Eco Cool Cycle

    Save energy with a specially designed cold-water wash and efficient dry cycle that delivers cleaning performance comparable to a warm water cycle

  • My Setting

    Store preferred wash and dry cycle settings for later use, maximize time and alleviate adjusting cycle preferences with every load. Cycle preferences are stored, selected and deselected with a touch of a button; a heart symbol appears to indicate the setting has been stored and in-use.

  • DeWrinkle

    Dewrinkle helps save time by minimizing ironing. If clothes are slightly wrinkled from sitting in the dryer too long, this setting helps remove wrinkles from 1-8 garments with steam vapor for approximately 35 minutes during the dry cycle.

  • Wrinkle Care

    Prevents wrinkles by extending the tumble without heat.

  • Language Options

    Choose from English, Spanish and French languages available under the control menu.

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