What is the condition of the appliances?

Our appliances are scratch and dent returns from big box stores. Most items are scratch and dent, overstock, or shelf pulls. The individual condition can vary from new to used. All sales are done in store to ensure full disclosure of the item's condition. Our employees are able to help inspect individual appliances on site. 

Are any warranties offered on the appliances?

All appliances, excluding the brand Insignia, come with a standard 1 year warranty (from the purchase date) Some appliances are stickered with an additional warranty, alongside the 1 year provided. 

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to make returns as worry-free as possible, and are happy to resolve any functionality issues with our appliances. Exceptions are made at the discretion of management. Any reasoning other than functionality issues will not be considered a valid reason for refund, and may be denied or met with a restocking fee.

Do you deliver?

For delivery inquiry please reach out to our recommended third party - Jackson Express. Their information is accessible on our website or on the bottom of each receipt. They will deliver, install, and haul away. Prices START at $100 and vary depending on the quantity of items and location. Contact Melivin Jackson 216.210.0839.

Can I pick up my purchase myself?

Yes! If you come in a vehicle where the appliance will fit, we will load it for you at no cost.  

Can I lay my refrigerator in my car?

Yes. If you choose to lay the refrigerator, be sure the refrigerator is upright and unplugged for 24 hrs once it is unloaded to ensure functionality.

If I purchase an appliance today but I cannot pick it up, how long can you hold it?

All paid in full appliances can be held for 1 week. When you come to pick up, bring your receipt and we will load it up for free. 

Can I put a deposit on an appliance?

We do not accept deposits, but we offer a free 24 hr hold on any appliances. The hold is stickered and honored until the end of the next business day. If the customer does not return to purchase the appliance within the time period, the hold is removed.

Do you have any bundle deals?

 A purchase of 3 or more kitchen appliances will receive 10% off. The bundle cannot be applied to any laundry appliances or the clearance section. 

Are there discounted appliances?

There is a section with appliances that feature more cosmetic damage or are heavily used.These appliances are 15% off and cannot be bundled with other discounts.

Is the website up to date?
All of our inventory is listed on our website.. Anything on the site will be out on the floor unless it is marked “out of stock” online. Please feel free to contact us to verify the products.

Is there a wait list?

We offer to take down information and call customers if the desired unit is received. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe or condition in which the item will arrive. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and cash. Checks are not accepted.

How can I find a specific appliance I saw online?

Each appliance has an individual SKU number listed on the website under the title. This number is also found on the sticker under the barcode of each appliance. The SKU is unique to that particular appliance and may help ensure the proper appliance is located.